Cunningham Collection Vol-1
Cunningham Collection Vol-1
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Camera space presents a challence. It has clear limits, but it also gives opportunities of working with dance that are not available on the stage. The camera takes a fixed view, but it can be moved. There is the possibility of cutting to a second camera which can change the size of the dancer, which, to my eye, also affects the time, the rhythm of the movement. It also can show dance in a way not possible on the stage: that is the use of detail which in the broader context of theatre does not appear. Working with video and film also gives me the opportunity to rethink certain technical elements. For example, the speed with which one catches an image on the television made me introduce into our class work different elements of movement concerned with tempos which added a new dimension to our general class work behaviour.Deli CommediaDeli commedia is conceived as a slapstick comedy, Cunningham's nod to the improvised farces of the Italian 18th-century commedia dell'arte and to the two real comedies of the silent screen.