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Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Release datum:
Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio
Müchner Klaviersommer, 1994

Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano)
Ron Carter (bass)
Julio Barreto (drums)

Hot House (9:11)
Autumn Leaves (7:57)
Donna Lee (4:14)
I Remember Clifford (5:35)
Ah-Leu-Cha (10:47)
Smooch (5:18)
Bouncing With Bud (7:34)
Woody'n You (12:59)
A Night In Tunisia (11:52)
When Will The Blues Leave (10:42)

Release Dates
June 2006

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TDK presents a new release in its regular series of DVD recordings of excellent jazz concerts. This new disc brings viewers a night of bebop performed by the young pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and his trio at the Munich Piano Festival “Münchner Klaviersommer”.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba (born 1963), his bassist Ron Carter (1937) and his drummer Julio Barreto (1967) appeared in the Munich Philharmonic Hall in July 1994. With two Cuban musicians in the group, the audience may have expected hot Latin rhythms, but the heat rising from this trio was definitely due more to the jazz tradition than to Latin American influences. The group drew its repertoire from the classic bebop numbers, with occasional excursions into more modern territory. Not until the last piece in the regular programme did the musicians allow themselves and their audience a trip to the Caribbean and even then, they still employed the jazz vocabulary.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s technique is exceptional. He strings brilliant runs together with sparkling rhythmic variants and he has a sense of drama that gives his playing an edge that reaches beyond the bounds of excellent technical standards.
Ron Carter and his bass may sound cool, rather recessed, where he sits enthroned between his two younger colleagues, but as soon as he touches his strings he is right on the scene and channelling the overflowing energies of his fellow artists.
Julio Barreto skilfully adopts the elders’ musical ideas and eloquently pursues them. He imaginatively wins himself a place at the side of the two better-known artists and his style reveals his Latin roots.

From its inception in 1981 under the auspices of the far-sighted and broadly interested classical pianist, Friedrich Gulda, the Munich Piano Festival “Münchner Klaviersommer” has challenged traditional perspectives on piano music. Improvised music takes its place next to composed music and European, American and African traditions all have an equal place on the stage of the unusual festival.
TDK has kept track with the festival’s trends and currents and regularly publishes the highlights in state-of-the art-recordings on DVD.