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Strauss Richard:Ariadne auf Naxos
1965 PAL
Strauss Richard:Ariadne auf Naxos
Release datum:
Richard Strauss
Ariadne auf Naxos
Salzburger Festspiele, 1965

Erik Frei (Der Haushofmeister)
Paul Schöffler (Ein Musiklehler)
Sena Jurinac (Der Komponist)
Jess Thomas (Der Tenor/Bachus)
Hildegard Hillebrecht (Prinadonna/Ariadne)
Reri Grist (Zerbinetta)
Gerd Feldhoff (Harlekin)
Lotte Schädle (Najade)
Claudia Hellmann (Dryade)
Lisa Otto (Echo)

Wiener Philharmoniker


Stage Director
Günther Rennert

Release Dates
France, Germany, Italy, Benelux
Switzerland, Austria: Jul 2004
UK, Spain: Aug 2004
USA: Sep 2004

“There is more of the past in the present than one suspects”, wrote Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, the librettist of this opera, in 1911. This could be taken as a motto for the first ever release of one of the gems in the history of the Salzburg Festival – the 1965 staging of „Ariadne“ under the baton of the legendary Karl Böhm. The film has been extensively restored using state of the art technology and shows the opera stars of the 1960s in renewed splendour.

Supported by a cast of superlative actor-singers, soloists from the state operas in Munich and Stuttgart and the Vienna State Opera, it was Karl Böhm who “with all the authority of his love of and experience in Strauss, in addition to the sovereign gifts of the born operatic conductor, kept the performance moving. […] Has anyone ever heard this music played more perfectly, more unsentimentally? Have the two worlds of comic and heroic opera ever blended more smoothly? Has any other conductor achieved so organic a combination of the score’s chamber-music-like structures and its hymn-like apotheosis?” (Salzburger Nachrichten)

Today, opera lovers can be grateful to the pioneers of Austrian Television who made the 1965 recording, though the awkward technology caused the audience some inconvenience at the time. Opera lovers can also thank engineers at Austrian Television (ORF) today, who preserved this treasure in their archive, restored it and made this release, complete with enhanced sound and picture quality, possible. The 1965 Salzburg “Ariadne” stands as a record of the incomparable tradition of the work and its performances.